Foodoula Services: In House Cooking for Postpartum Mamas

photo-3_Cropped_v2_smallSo Mama Eats First

The light from the fridge glowed like sun through cloud. It was the middle of the night and I had just nursed brand new Phoebe. My dear friend Keira had lovingly made us dinner that first day home with our second child, and it was the return visit to that delicious meal that made me feel completely nourished and wholly supported – those chicken legs, broccoli with cheese sauce, along with righteous green salad were utterly unforgettable. And of course, there were chocolate brownies for after or before.

Our second daughter Phoebe inherited heaps of clothes from her big sister Maddy. We were covered on the onesie and cotton sleeper front. Food was what we needed. By week two, feeding my family was what I needed help with.

What Foodoula Provides

Perhaps your baby has just arrived and you need some food assistance or your partner has returned to work after a week or so at home. Or maybe it’s eight weeks after the birth and you feel like you’re in the swing of things, but you lack inspiration in the eating department. That’s where I come in!

A Gift of Food for New Mothers in Vancouver

We will begin with a consultation to discuss your dietary needs and desires. I will create your personal menu and provide you with a shopping list. Some meals will be ready for immediate consumption, and there will be extras for the fridge or freezer. I’m happy working with all manner of ingredients, and I specialize in a gluten-free diet.

Foodoula’s Packages

Are you looking for a gift for a friend, or simply a respite from cooking after your baby is born? I offer four packages for you to choose from. During a typical visit I will create 4 entrées that serve 6-8 portions each and a few side dishes. *These rates do not include groceries.

A Foodoula package is the perfect group gift!

Package pricing:

  • Amuse-bouche: $185 for 1 visit
  • Appetizer: $360 for 2 visits
  • Main: $700 for 4 visits
  • Deluxe: $1000 for 6 visits

Each visit includes:

  • Phone consultation
  • Personally designed custom menu
  • A detailed grocery list
  • 4-5 hours with Foodoula cooking in your home